Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Blogs and geospatial information sites

Below I have collected the bast websites out there that can supplement your implementation of spatial technologies. There are sites about spatial thinking, spatial technologies and sites with links to free stuff!

Spatial Worlds
Malcolm McInerney has created this blog site as a way to record his ideas for GIS and share resources for the teaching community. Check back regularly for more thoughts.

Spatial in Schools
A Scoopit! page that we have created to aggregate all of the most relevant articles and links to resources for those educators using spatial technologies. There is a mix of articles, with a nod to those that offer particularly interesting insights in the world of spatial technologies in our classrooms.

Destination Spatial
The Destination Spatial site is a great resource for finding out where spatial technologies can take your students. They can check out tertiary courses in the field and look at the different professions that use spatial technologies in their jobs. Great for those students who are keen on the technologies in the classroom.

The Geospatial Revolution
The Geospatial Revolution website is an ongoing project that aims to highlight the way geospatial technologies are changing the world we live in. There are some fantastic videos that outline the history and relevance of spatial technologies as well as resources for educators and links to other online resources.

Geoscience Australia MapConnect
The free MapConnect service allows you to view and download Geoscience Australia’s spatial data for any location across Australia. Major infrastructure, roads and rail, localities, landuse, contours and spot heights, and vegetation cover (and more) can all be downloaded for free. Check out the user guide we developed for ESRI Australia to get started.

Free Geography Tools
This blog updates regularly and provides links to a range of online tools related to Geography. From websites to blogs to downloadable resources, if it is free and if it relates to Geography, chances are you will find it here.

Yes, we are on Twitter! It is definitely a different way to get information but once you get a feel for how the community works you will be amazed at the new-found accessibility you have to really useful information and resources. Set up an account and Follow us, it’s free!

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